This page is a collection of stories I captured during my time on the Humans of NYU team. To check out more cool photos by HONYU, see their Facebook page here.

“I’m psychology major and a chemistry and music minor.”
“Is there any distinct reason for such a diverse field of study?”
“I hope that I can enter a field of something similar to music therapy.”
“What made you decide that?”
“Over the years I feel as if music has helped shaped me into the person I am today. It’s always been there for me as a stress reliever, entertainer and helps bring clarity into my thoughts.” 

"My grandfather was a general in the South Korean army, and being inspired by that, I’d thought I’d choose a military career. At first, I thought about going to West Point, but eventually I decided to come to NYU and join the Reserve Officer Training Crops program up at Fordham. Over the course of the 3 years here, I’ve trained every week, both physically and mentally, for three or four times a week. I hope when I graduate I can enter the army and become a Second Lieutenant in the military intelligence sector. After my 4 years required service, I might look into entering the federal agencies in DC since, after all, I’ll be graduating with a politics major. Nevertheless, I’m proud to be serving my country, and I hope I can keep my friends and family proud."

"Does my hair look okay?"

“Growing up my parents often told me about their struggles immigrating from Pakistan. They were the first ones from my village to come to America and they sacrificed everything so that they could provide us with a better life. After I became more mature I began to see and understand their sacrifices and that really drove me to do the best that I could in school. Often times they would always bring up the idea of becoming a doctor, not necessarily impose it, but merely suggest it. From then I started realizing how honorable and respectable of a job it is. I felt the need to work just as hard as them to repay them by becoming a doctor just to see that their efforts weren't wasted. My ultimate goal is to hopefully one day go back to Pakistan and help those people in my family and my parents’ community get the care they need and I really hope this path will grant me success in the future.”

“What has been your greatest memory here at NYU?”
“My 21st birthday.”
“How come?”
“A bunch of my friends both from home and NYU came together and mingled. It was a great time seeing that the two most important groups of people finally came together on one of the most important days of my life.”
“What did you guys end up doing?”
“I remember there was literally 3 feet of snow outside that night so we all just bonded over a couple drinks together inside. I guess it was a good time.” 

“I personally believe that the key to success is knowing what you want, going for it, having enough drive, and saying ‘I want this and I’m not going to let anything stop me’. I think people get disheartened when things don’t go right from the first second. And yeah, sometimes you won’t succeed in everything but that’s why people need a bigger goal to set themselves.”

“Can you recall the happiest moment in your life?”
“The happiest moment? Well it’s not really a 'moment' but I suppose I get really happy when I wake up in the morning and I see my boyfriend right next to me.”
“Do you miss him right now?”
“Yes. I think of him everyday.”

“I'm an indie artist.. I guess it's just another way for saying "I'm broke."”

“What are you afraid the most of?”
“I’m afraid of dying without experiencing most of the wonderful things in life.”

"Lots of people mistake me for being British, which is fine, but growing up in rural Australia is a big part of who I am.”

“What’s the impression they get from you when you tell them that?”
“Well.. most of them immediately jump to the convicts and tell me ‘oh your decedents are all criminals' and stuff like that.. and it’s kinda funny in a way but also kinda annoying at the same time.”

“What advice would you give to the students here?"
"Don’t let society dictate how you live your life. Live your life the best, positive and most righteous way.”



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