Here is a collection of some the short films I have
directed / produced / shot over the years


NIDA x NYU Production.

Director / Writer


© 2016




Dancers from all walks of life in New York City get together and express their true passion for their artform. This is their story.


Starring; Sherry Zhang, Justing Marin, Ramon Perez, Julia Maria Krom, Dimitri Kalaitzidis, Marina Poudret, Richard Sun, Nayaab Bakshi.

© 2015




NIDA x NYU Production

Director / Writer

© 2016




"YUKI" / 勇気

A black & white film about based on the art of kendo.


Starring; Aiman Shaban, Colin Smith, Shoga Senda, Zoey Ziyi Liu. 

© 2015


A tourist wandering around NYC's Chinatown accidentally witnesses something that may eventually cost him his life. 


Starring; David Marr III, Miyu Hayashi, Phillip Ling, Deniz Parlar.

© 2015


Two kids are preparing for the worst as they are soon to be sold to pay off their moon debt. Or not?


Starring; Ana Calise, Mike Shepard, William Banks, Jacob Dysart.

© 2015


An NYPD detective goes undercover to expose a drug operation. The detective must catch the drug dealer red handed, or else his life may be at stake. 


Starring; Starring Niceto Festin, Chris Cole, Max Ackerman.

© 2015


An International Space Station recieves several unidentifiable soundwaves over the radio. Could this be just a false alarm, or a recipe for disaster? 


Starring; Naf E & Max Ackerman

© 2015


A one-take short film about a girl and a box. Does this box represent the girl's inner emotions, or is she just stuck? 


Starring; Layana Wen, Yuro Arai, Mizuku Toriya, Momoko Nakayama, Aiman Shaaban, Chai Menghwani, Ray Low, Allen Peng, Sophia Takashima, Julie Sato, Miyu Hayashi, Saneyuki Matsuoka, Brian Wada, Junko.

© 2015


A sucsessful Asian student finds himself lost and broken at the heel of his new life in New York. 


Starring; Jonathan Tse, Miyu Hayashi, Yiyi Ge, Sherry Zhang, Trevor Cetrullo. 

© 2015


Inspired by the internationally known gaming franchise, Mass Effect, this studio film follows the story of the discovery of a 50,000 year old alien species. Can Commander Shepard (Clem Cote) and Liara (Lani Fu) rely on the help of this Prothean (James Udon) to save the galaxy from the destructive forces of the Reaper savages


Starring; James Udon, Lani Fu, Clement Cote.

© 2014


Based on a different interprtation of the book Precious, the first part of this studio film tells a story about a fragmented relationship between two siblings (portrayed by David Marr III & Emily Nash) after the death of their father. 


Starring; David Marr III, Emily Nash.

© 2014


The second part of this studio film reveals a disturbing truth about the family at a time of crisis. The information found by the third sibling, Zoe (Chelsea Marie), may forever change the fate of this family. 


Starring; David Marr III, Emily Nash & Chelsea Marie.

© 2014



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