[August 2017]


With corporate social responsibility becoming an increasingly key factor in brand perception amongst Millennials, my team was tasked with creating a program that would promote the work and mission of Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) in the New York Tri-State Area, which provides free housing for families of severely sick children. To address these goals, we created “McDonald’s B-Boy Royale”, a charity breakdance tournament to raise funds for RMHC.

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Our strategy was to create a mediable program that could be leveraged to message RMHC in an organic, seamless and authentic way. We approahced this by: 

  • Tapping into a definitively New York City -- and underrepresented -- subculture that appealed to a wide demographic range

  • Develop partnerships with relevant organizations, celebrities and influencers to build credibility in a completely new space

  • Leverage the cultural diversity and global popularity of today’s breakdance scene

There were various tactics in which we approach this strategy:

  • Incorporated RMHC messaging into all promotional materials and content

  • Secured first-time media sponsorship with HOT 97, the country’s #1 hip hop radio station as well as leading  organisations: B-Boy World, the world’s #1 breakdance website; and B-Boy Network, a leading media provider for breakdance culture.

  • Attracted participation of hip hop legends and influencers

Marketing Activities:

  • Released faux “movie trailer” and artwork through McDonald’s New York Tri-State website and social media platforms: YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

  • Produced snackable content featuring B-Boy Royale participants

  • Created special edition trayliners that were distributed to 570+ McDonald’s restaurants across the New York Tri-State Area

  • Arranged “breakdance clinics” at local Ronald McDonald Houses

  • Produced Facebook Live stream on B-Boy World

B-Boy Royale Dancers at Ronald McDonald's Charity House 

The Event

  • Eight leading dance crews from across the U.S. and Canada were invited to compete in seven rounds of head-to-head battles for a shot at $5,000 and the McDonald’s B-Boy Royale championship.

  • All ticket proceeds would be donated to RMHC

  • Talent: Richard 'Crazy Legs' Colon (BBR lead judge and breakdance pioneer), GrandMixer DXT (BBR DJ and GRAMMY award-winning musician), Laura Stylez (BBR host and HOT 97 personality) and Kast One (BBR co-host and HOT 97 DJ).


The Program

In addition to the main competition, the live program featured the following segments:

  • Showcase performances

  • Lifetime Achievement Award presentation to GrandMixer DXT

  • Audience battles

  • Music performance

  • RMHC video and check presentation

  • Real time social media interaction and engagement with the live audience (i.e. predict the winner of each round for a chance to win prizes, live AMA segments) 

  • Live tweeting

Event Photos
NY Times (link)
New York 1 News (link)
B-Boy Gin, DJ Grand Master Flash, Crazy Legs, & Laura Stylez

Public Relations Activities:

  • Utilized breakdance legend (and B-Boy Royale lead judge) Crazy Legs and RMHC Executive Director Christopher Perry as primary spokespeople

  • Leveraged the recent announcement that breakdancing would be introduced as an official sport of the 2018 Youth Olympic Games -- where Crazy Legs will serve as an inaugural judge

  • Leveraged the 44th anniversary of hip hop in August to discuss the role of breakdance in the evolution of the culture 

  • Positioned McDonald's B-Boy Royale as "New York City's largest breakdance tournament" and a tentpole summer program for the city 

  • Pitched breakdance tutorials and preview performances to TV and online video outlets

  • Invited media to cover live event and offered interviews with contestants

B-Boy Royale 4 Key Performance Indicators:

  • Sold out event

  • Raised over $8,000 for Ronald McDonald House Charities

  • 50+ million media impressions (100% positive coverage)

  • 20+ million social media impressions

  • 28 media placements

  • PR highlights: National Public Radio (interview), New York 1 News (live remote all morning), Good Day New York (in-studio interview and demo), WNYC Radio (interview), New York Magazine (feature), Cheddar (live interview), PIX 11 (on-site coverage).

  • Awards:

    • PR World Awards Event of the Year (2016 & 2017)

    • PR World Awards Team of the Year (2017)

$10,000 Check for Ronald McDonald's Charity House
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McDonald’s B-Boy Royale is New York City’s largest annual breaking tournament. Every year eight award-winning crews battle for a $5,000 grand prize. The competition features showcase performances from internationally recognized dance crews, live music performances from artists of 300 Entertainment such as Tre-Da-Kid, and special guests such as MC Jin, Laura Stylez (Hot 97), Grandmixer DXT, and Michael Boogaloo Shrimp (Breakin'). My team and I produced and executed this activation to help solidify McDonald's presence in the East Coast, create a digital and social media buzz to bring additional brand awareness to the franchise, and to raise a significant amount of money for the Ronald McDonald House Charity Fund. 

B-BOY ROYALE 3 (2016)
As a Junior Producer in June 2016, I helped with various aspects of B-Boy Royale 3's event execution. During the pre-event promotional stages, I worked closely with the production lead to execute the event's run-of-show, polishing up the final script, coordinating the performer and guest lists, keeping close communications with McDonald's creative team for their suggestions and legal teams for approvals, and overlooking the design concepts, production, and execution of various production props such as the step-and-repeat, chotskies, merchandise and goods, as well as the final trophy. On the day of the event, my job was to hire and coordinate a media team for photo and video coverage of the event. 












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