[November 2017 - May 2018]

South China Morning Post, a leading newspaper establishment owned by Alibaba, is launching their new mobile apps Abacus & Inkstone in the US MarketAs a content creator and producer on this activation team, my responsibilities include the creation of digital and print ads to promote the new tech-based (Abacus) and politics/culture-based (Inkstone) apps. Tasked with a $250K campaign to market the apps and newspaper branding nationwide, my team and I are worked closely with SCMP to advise on digital marketing strategies, produce deliverable assets for digital promotion, and executive innovative activation ideas over the following weeks until the official U.S. launch on March 2018. 

This site will be updated as the campaign progresses. 

Below are samples of various assets I have created and overseen in the initial stages of this campaign (as of Jan 2018). 

First Round of Creatives as of December 2017

Strategic Deck for SCMP's US Marketing Campaign (as of Jan 30)

Influencer Outreach

As mentioned on the slides 16 and 17, our influencer outreach campaign is currently underway as we have successfully established relationships with over 100 tech-based influencers on various social media platforms. Timed with the beginning of the Chinese New Year, some of our influencers have created videos and social media posts to showcase our custom made Abacus-branded box to their followers. We will continue to work closely with these influencers for a top-down digital marketing approach as we further establish the app's social currency and credibility. This outreach will be followed up by our New York Stock Exchange Closing Bell activation, our integrated digital marketing paid media campaigns, and community outreach to various tech & Asian-American organizations. 

Jordan Keyes, Tech Influencer (93,000 Subscribers)

Chigz Tech Reviews, Consumer Tech Influencer (57,000 Subscribers)

Jeremy Judkins, Consumer Tech Influencer (53,000 Subscribers)

Joma Tech, Asian-American Tech Influencer (32,000 Subscribers)

Twitter Outreach for #abacusnews (as of Day 2)



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